THE BEGINNING #InspiredWild | Podcast #001

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Wild places stir our soul, and for me, (if I’m being truly honest) the stirring is what calls me into the wilderness. A desire to feed the hunger for adventure deep within me and prove to myself that I am a surviver! I grew up with a dad that didn’t hunt and yet somehow I inherited a crazy love for all things outdoors!

OK…. That’s enough sappy emotion equated with the outdoors…. Let’s answer some questions.

Question…. ? Why do a podcast? There are thousands of them at our fingertips on iTunes, Stitcher, Podbean etc… A plethora of emotions and opinions on the outdoors, hunting equipment, whether or not we should or should not take a grip and grin photo, or if an expandable broadhead is ethical…. these podcasts already exist for our easy download and listening pleasure. So why is ours different? Actually its not…. #InspiredWild Podcast is very similar to other podcasts with a few variances.

The first difference that comes to mind is this podcast was created to supplement our filmed adventures. For example, if we are hunting elk in Colorado and you watch that episode, the podcast is the daily “behind the scenes” grind of that hunt. It is us being real and discussing the entire hunt as it happens and, in our opinion, therefore it becomes more like you are there with us sharing a log and listening to a hunting buddy recap their day around a campfire, rather than a podcast that you are listening to in your car as you battle traffic to work.

Another difference is the rawness/truthfulness of the podcast. By rawness I don’t mean elicit/bad language (we want the podcast to be family friendly) but rather honest and real….. We will not be doing any elaborate intros, fancy edits, or epic closes. It will be kept simple and basic, and sometimes even a little busy with background noise (like driving in a car, or from a bustling airport). I promise #InspiredWild will be kept real and in the moment with people that have something to say, whether you agree with it or not.

Lastly this podcast is us…. pure and simple…devoted to encouraging others to seek out and find their wild places regardless of where they live…. and then encourage them to EMBRACE that adventure ... Live the adventure that is your wild!

#InspiredWild can be found on on the Outback Outdoors website ( and listened to or downloaded from iTunes, Stitcher, and Podbean.

We invite you to give it a listen and us a follow and if you like it, give us a 5 star rating, as this will help us inspire more people to embrace their wild!

Thanks and God Bless

Trevon Stoltzfus