How to be a 10 Percenter

Most successful bowhunters would agree that bowhunting is hard. The fact that an archer has to be skillful enough to trick the eyes, ears, and nose of any game animal just to get within a bows limited kill zone is difficult by itself, but even more difficult is the execution of a lethal shot under that immense adrenaline and excitement. I am sure you know someone who, every year, seems to connect on a trophy animal, while others eat a lot of “tag soup.”

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Trevon StoltzfusComment
The Silence of the Arctic

The -22-degree air bit into my face like miniature daggers. It seemed to creep and crawl around the edges of my baklava and goggles, eating away at my exposed flesh. Our transportation was a mix of modern-day technology and tradition: an Inuit sled pulled by a grumbling snowmobile. We eased along an ice-packed ridgeline, the hum of the snow-machine ringing in my ears. We’d gone several miles before my guide...

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